Thyroid Hormone Therapy in Lubbock, TX

You can feel much better and have more energy with Thyroid Hormone Therapy in Lubbock.

Thyroid Hormone Therapy is available at Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX.

The thyroid hormones regulate the body’s metabolism, which is the speed at which your body converts food into energy. The thyroid hormones also regulate how quickly your body uses up its stored energy, known as your basal metabolic rate. The thyroid hormone is also critical for brain development in infants.

Problems with thyroid function can lead to diseases. Additionally, issues with your pituitary gland or hypothalamus can also affect your thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid hormone therapy effectively balances thyroid hormone levels to maintain optimal body functions.

Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, is offering thyroid hormone therapy. Symptoms linked to thyroid conditions can affect one’s quality of life. Thyroid Hormone Therapy can regulate the thyroid hormones in men and women suffering from thyroid dysfunction.

Thyroid diseases affect millions of Americans. Stop suffering from thyroid dysfunction with our thyroid hormone therapy.

Benefits of Thyroid Hormone Therapy in Lubbock

Men and women with thyroid issues can benefit from thyroid hormone therapy. It rebalances your hormones to feel better and healthier and improves your quality of life. This can quickly restore normal thyroid function.

There are so many advantages to thyroid hormone therapy, such as:

  • Improved energy – Thyroid dysfunction is often accompanied by fatigue and low energy levels. These effects can be reversed by thyroid hormone therapy, giving you more energy and allowing you to do more.
  • More stable weight – Thyroid issues usually cause unexplained weight gain or weight loss. It can improve your metabolism, which will help you manage your weight properly.
  • Improved temperature regulation – Poor tolerance to cold or heat and improper temperature regulation indicate thyroid dysfunction. It helps the body regulate heat properly.
  • Increased sexual drive – Your libido may be affected by thyroid dysfunction. It can correct a thyroid imbalance to improve sex drive, resulting in more satisfying sexual experiences.
  • Improved mood and sense of wellbeing – Thyroid dysfunction can affect your mood, giving you either anxiety, depression, or unusual nervousness. This therapy helps you balance your hormones, preventing mood swings, stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
  • Enhanced cognitive function – Mental clarity and energy are improved with its therapy. You’ll feel more energetic and stop the mental fog from thyroid imbalance.

How Does Thyroid Hormone Therapy in Lubbock Work?

Thyroid Hormone Therapy Lubbock TXOne of our core values at Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, is understanding that thyroid dysfunction affects patients differently and may not have the same symptoms or wellness goals.

Thyroid hormones control various metabolic processes in the body. Among other things, thyroid hormones contribute to energy, weight, and physical and mental well-being.

They also affect one’s cardiovascular system and nervous system. In response to TSH, a brain hormone, the thyroid gland produces T4 and T3 to function correctly.

A feedback loop system involving the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and other hormones controls the production and release of these thyroid hormones. A thyroid imbalance occurs when too many thyroid hormones are produced or not enough thyroid hormones are produced.

Our team at Owen Health Group will develop a custom thyroid hormone therapy program tailored to your needs and supervised by a medical professional. Our thyroid hormone therapy provides transformative results and will be adjusted according to your condition. Our treatment plan is designed to balance thyroid imbalance and restore your health.

Signs and Symptoms You Need Thyroid Hormone Therapy in Lubbock

Symptoms of thyroid hormone imbalances are usually noticeable. Your metabolism is controlled by thyroid hormone, so too much thyroid hormone can speed it up, and too little thyroid hormone can slow it down. Common symptoms of thyroid issues include:

  • Unexplained weight gain or weight loss
  • Slow or fast heart rate
  • Intolerance to cold or heat
  • Dry or moist skin
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nervousness or irritability
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Low libido
  • Cognitive issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Dry, brittle hair or hair loss

Some common thyroid conditions include:

  • Grave’s Disease – An autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s Disease – An autoimmune disorder that causes hypothyroidism
  • Hypothyroidism – Underactive thyroid
  • Hyperthyroidism – Overactive thyroid
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Thyroid Nodules
  • Thyroiditis – Thyroid inflammation
  • Goiter – Enlarged thyroid gland

The thyroid is essential for regulating metabolic processes in the body. Our approach to thyroid hormone therapy is comprehensive and effective.

What to Expect After Thyroid Hormone Therapy in Lubbock?

Thyroid Hormone Therapy Lubbock TXTake the first step towards being a better and healthier version of yourself with thyroid hormone therapy in Lubbock.

During your appointment with Owen Health Group in Lubbock, you will receive a consultation with our doctors so they can carefully evaluate your symptoms and family and medical histories. You can also discuss your health goals and preferences.

Thyroid function tests will be conducted based on your signs and symptoms to understand how you are doing. We recognize that thyroid hormone dysfunction affects patients differently. We do not employ cookie-cutter solutions in our thyroid hormone therapy.

Our team of experts at Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, will provide a unique thyroid hormone therapy plan tailored to suit your needs. Our goal is to give you the best solutions for hormonal balance.

Alleviate Symptoms of Thyroid Imbalance with Thyroid Hormone Therapy in Lubbock

Thyroid hormone therapy can help you balance your hormones. Many of the symptoms associated with thyroid imbalance can be relieved by thyroid hormone therapy. The purpose of thyroid hormone therapy is to balance your thyroid hormones in the most effective range to live a healthier life!

Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, aims to provide exemplary patient care for residents in West Texas. We provide services related to family medicine, men’s and women’s health and sexual health, and regenerative medicine. Our clinic also offers cosmetic services to address skincare needs.

Are you ready to learn more about how thyroid hormone therapy can help you? Contact Owen Health Group today at 806-749-7975 to schedule a consultation.

Common Questions About Thyroid Hormone Therapy

What is thyroid hormone therapy?

A thyroid hormone therapy is intended to compensate for the thyroid gland’s inability to secrete the appropriate amount of hormones. Owen Health Group understands that thyroid hormone therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our thyroid hormone therapy plans are tailored to patients’ needs and goals.

Is thyroid hormone therapy necessary?

Your doctor may prescribe thyroid hormone therapy depending on your condition. However, not all patients will need treatment for mild thyroid dysfunction. It can sometimes get better on its own. You may need thyroid hormone therapy when thyroid dysfunction persists for several months.

What happens when you start taking thyroid hormone therapy?

Within a few days of starting thyroid hormone therapy, you should feel better from the symptoms associated with a thyroid imbalance. But it might take a few months for your thyroid hormone levels to go back to normal. If your levels improve, you may have to change your treatment, but you still have fatigue and weight gain.

What happens when you have thyroid issues?

Hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid disorder. Due to a lack of thyroid hormones, the thyroid slows down. Some people show no symptoms.

What are early warning signs of thyroid issues?

You can detect the early signs of thyroid issues as the thyroid gland controls various body processes and functions. These early warning signs include fatigue, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, and slowed or increased heart rate. Thyroid hormone therapy aims to reverse these signs and symptoms.