Menopause Treatment
in Lubbock, TX

Free yourself from the debilitating symptoms of menopause with our menopause treatment in Lubbock.

Menopause Treatment is available at
Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX.

As a woman approaches menopause, her body experiences a great deal of change. Production of the sex hormone estrogen diminishes gradually as women age. This causes the body to behave differently.

Menopause symptoms include physiological and mental changes that impact one’s daily life. Menopause treatment provides relief from the incapacitating changes brought about by menopause.

Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, is offering menopause treatment. Menopause brings about hormone changes in women, negatively affecting their well-being. We provide holistic menopause treatment so women can reduce or eliminate symptoms of hormone changes and get the most out of their menopause years.

Our goal is to provide women with clinically proven menopause treatment plans that can help them overcome the most debilitating symptoms associated with menopause.

Benefits of Menopause Treatment in Lubbock

Women experiencing the debilitating symptoms of peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause can benefit from our holistic menopause treatment. You feel better, healthier, and more alive than you have in a long time when your hormones are balanced.

There are so many advantages to menopause treatment, such as:

  • Reduces menopausal symptoms – The treatment reduces or eliminates menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. It also helps you sleep better.
  • Improves sexual function and increases libido – The treatment can reduce vaginal dryness and itching, making sex more enjoyable and decreasing pain during sex. It also increases sex drive, and patients report improved sexual performance.
  • Improves bone strength – The treatment strengthens bones and improves bone density. This helps prevent the risk of fractures caused by osteoporosis.
  • Improves mood and mental clarity – The treatment balances your hormones, which prevents mood swings, stress, anxiety, and feelings of low self-esteem. In addition, you can improve your memory, focus, and concentration, thereby reducing your risk of neurodegenerative diseases.


How Does Menopause Treatment in Lubbock Work?

Menopause Treatment Lubbock TX

One of our core values at Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, is understanding that age-related hormone decline, such as during menopause, affects patients differently and may not have the same wellness goals.

Menstruation usually stops around the age of 45 to 55 for most women. This is called menopause, in which women are no longer able to conceive.

Menopause changes women’s hormonal changes, resulting in physiological and mental issues. Menopause treatments can help you feel better to live your life to the fullest. Our holistic approach to menopause treatment includes hormone therapy and lifestyle changes to help women enjoy their lives before, during, and after menopause.

Doctors in our clinic are experienced providers in hormone therapy. Our advanced diagnostic technologies allow us to gain a complete picture of your overall health. Our team at Owen Health Group will develop a menopause treatment program specifically tailored to your needs and supervised by a medical professional.

Our menopause treatment provides uniquely transformative results. Women can live a longer and healthier life by following our menopause treatment plan, restoring their health, and improving their quality of life. It’s a proven treatment that is worth considering.

Menopause may be challenging, but it should not be a health problem. We can offer you a menopause treatment to help alleviate your discomfort during these difficult times.

Signs and Symptoms You Need Menopause Treatment in Lubbock

Women’s hormone production changes as they age. Common symptoms of menopause include:

  • Mood changes or mood swings
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Chronic pain
  • Reduced mental clarity
  • Night sweats
  • Memory issues
  • Hot flashes
  • Decreased cognition
  • Decreased bladder control
  • Decreased sexual function
  • Vaginal dryness or pain
  • Weight gain

What to Expect After Menopause Treatment in Lubbock?

Menopause Treatment Lubbock TXTake the first step towards being a better and healthier version of yourself with menopause treatment in Lubbock.

During your appointment with Owen Health Group in Lubbock, you will receive a consultation with our doctors so they can carefully evaluate your symptoms and family and medical histories.

You can also discuss your health goals and preferences. Tests will be conducted based on your signs and symptoms to get a sense of how you are doing. We recognize that age-related hormone decline (such as menopause) affects patients differently and does not have the same health goals.

This is why we do not employ cookie-cutter solutions in our menopause treatment. Our team of experts at Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, will provide a unique menopause treatment plan tailored to suit your needs. Our goal is to give you the best solutions for hormonal balance since this is crucial to your well-being.

Have a Better Quality of Life with Menopause Treatment in Lubbock

Become a better and healthier version of yourself with menopause treatment. Menopause treatment is the best way to treat age-related symptoms of hormone decline in women! Menopause treatment can relieve hot flashes, decreased libido, and memory fog.

Owen Health Group in Lubbock, TX, aims to provide exemplary patient care for residents in West Texas. We provide services related to family medicine, men’s and women’s health and sexual health, and regenerative medicine. Our clinic also offers cosmetic services to address skincare needs.

Are you ready to change your life with our menopause treatment? Contact Owen Health Group today at 806-749-7975 to schedule a consultation.

Common Questions
About Menopause

When can I expect to experience menopause?

The menopause transition usually begins in women in their late 40s or early 50s. Menopause can happen earlier if you’ve had surgery, cancer, or your family’s genetics. We can tailor a menopause treatment plan that addresses your symptoms and issues at Owen Health Group in Lubbock.

How long is menopause treatment for women?

Menopause treatment will depend on one’s medical history, needs, and goals. Doctors usually recommend menopause treatment for no more than five years. At Owen Health Group in Lubbock, we will recommend a personalized menopause treatment plan to address your symptoms and issues.

What are the common signs of menopause?

One of the most telling signs of menopause is the absence or irregularity of a menstrual period for 12 months. Other signs of menopause include hot flashes, sleep issues, sexual problems, mood changes, forgetfulness, and weight gain. Menopause treatment cannot restore your menstrual period, but it can relieve the symptoms associated with menopause.

How long does it take for menopause treatment to start working?

Menopause treatment may take a few weeks to feel its effects, and there may be some side effects at first. Your hormone doctor in Lubbock may adjust your treatment plan after three months.

What are the adverse effects of menopause treatment?

Hormone therapy may involve some risks, so it’s imperative to consult your doctor. Side effects may include bleeding, bloating, breast tenderness, enlargement, headaches, mood changes, and nausea. Nevertheless, complete family and medical histories are required to avoid menopause treatment risks.