Lumecca in
Lubbock, TX

We are able to achieve complete photo rejuvenation in as few as 1 to 2 treatments! Make an appointment today!


At Owen Health Group, we believe that having clear, healthy skin plays a crucial role in self confidence! Living in West Texas, we all know how the sun leaves it’s mark on our skin! When your skin is marked with vascular blemishes and pigmented lesions, it can affect the clothes you wear, the activities you participate in, and your overall confidence in your body. Our Lumecca IPL (intense pulse light) device by InMode can help eradicate impurities in the skin and create a smoother, glowing appearance!

Lumecca is comparable to real-life photo-shop. The broad spectrum of light penetrates deep into the dermis. Exposure to vast amounts of light in such rapid succession destroys cells that produce melanin and destroys broken capillaries. Beneath the skin, the body is then forced to make new cells, resulting in a more youthful and even skin tone. We are able to achieve complete photo rejuvenation in as few as 1 to 2 treatments! Our patients then love to come in quarterly for maintenance and anti-aging results!


Lumecca technology is superior to other IPL deices because it more effectively targets the brown and red pigments in the skin and can achieve desired results with fewer treatments. The hand piece has a large spot size and strong cooling technology that creates a faster and more comfortable treatment time. We all love West Texas, but we don’t want our skin giving that away! Schedule your Lumecca treatment today to get the skin you have always wanted!