Fractora services in Lubbock, TX

As we age, our skin will encounter a variety of issues. You could suffer from cystic acne leading to scarring, wrinkles, overall texture changes, large
pores, vascular lesions, and pigmented lesions. Perhaps you’ve looked into options to treat your skin, but are worried about the effects it
will have on your skin pigmentation. Have no fear, our doctors at Owen Health Group utilize Fractora by InMode technology to alleviate your concerns and
provide your skin with the rejuvenation it needs. Fractora procedures are safe for all skin types and have a lower risk of inflamed and discolored pigmentation than
other similar methods.

The Fractora process

Fractora technology uses radio-frequency heat to stimulate collagen production, a fundamental protein found in the skin. By promoting collagen
generation, the proteins knit together to achieve a smooth and more balanced complexion, giving your face and body a youthful, glowing appearance. Fractora
technology can smooth out wrinkles and blemishes and can decrease cystic acne. It has also been proven to reduce acne scarring by 50%, leaving your skin
smooth and healthy. For beautiful and healthy skin, schedule your Fractora appointment today!

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