Get Relief From ED With the P-Shot in Lubbock, TX

The P-shot is a powerful erectile and sexual dysfunction treatment that can provide targeted healing where the body needs it.

P Shot Lubbock TXIf you have been struggling to find relief from your erectile dysfunction symptoms, the P-shot may be a treatment that can help to provide a deeper level of healing that your body needs. P-shot service providers in Lubbock, TX offer the P-shot as an option to help men struggling with erectile dysfunction overcome their sexual troubles and achieve long-lasting healing.

The P-Shot is a minimally invasive, long-lasting, and powerful method for promoting natural healing in the systems of the body responsible for triggering an erection.

While the healing efficacy of the P-shot is known throughout the erectile dysfunction treatment space, many people inquire about how long the results of this treatment last. 

Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at how the P-shot works:

What is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot uses natural platelet-rich plasma (PRP)that is found in the blood to stimulate healing. By introducing platelets that stimulate healing into a specific area, the clotting process is stimulated. When plasma that is rich in platelets is used, it helps provide a large number of healing platelets to be available for use once clotting is stimulated.

Once this process is stimulated, clotting provides healing, growth, and the rejuvenation of all blood vessels and surrounding tissues.  For people who are struggling with ED, this treatment can help to target the area where the problem is occurring and work to facilitate healing in areas where there may be damaged blood vessels.

It also works to remove clogging and reinvigorate the many neural receptors that help trigger erections and feelings of pleasure in the brain. There are countless biochemical factors that regulate healing. Platelets are just a small aspect of the total equation, playing a critical role in tissue repair and regeneration.

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Specifically, they regulate fundamental mechanisms involved in the healing process including cellular migration, proliferation, and angiogenesis. Angiogenesis and these other processes all help to create new blood vessels and enhance the amount of blood volume that can be handled for erections. 

By introducing these potent healing factors, blood vessels and other parts of the erection-stimulation mechanism can be healed. 

Priapus Shot For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by decreased blood flow to the penis due to clotting or faulty neural responses. Once men reach the age of 30, critical maintenance chemicals for the sexual response such as testosterone begin to deplete, causing a decrease in sex drive and the desire to have sex. This, alongside an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, can cause the arteries in the genital area to become clogged and ineffective. In addition, men with diabetes may have nerves in the brain and penis that no longer function as they use to.

The P-Shot is perfect for these men because it can help to reverse the damage that time has caused and enhance sexual health. The P-shot works by removing some blood from your arm, placing it into a centrifuge, and spinning it until the PRP is separated from the non-platelet-rich plasma. This PRP is then injected into your penis (in combination with a nerve blocker, of course).

The result is more platelets available to provide the healing properties, angiogenesis, and growth factors that have been shown to help improve sexual health. This procedure has been shown to be safe and effective. The key here is to find an erectile dysfunction and hormonal specialist that can provide treatment correctly.

These professionally trained doctors understand that dosages vary from person to person, and these dosages are the difference between effective and non-effective treatment plans. Rather than simply accept that your sexual abilities will fade as time passes, use the P-shot and PRP to promote healing and sustained wellness and sexual health. 

How Long Does the Priapus Shot Last?

P Shot Lubbock TXThe Priapus Shot is not your typical erectile dysfunction treatment solution. Unlike other temporary treatments for male enhancement, the P-Shot is a treatment that provides real healing within one to six weeks. The results of the P-shot, in some cases, can last for up to two years.

These results are very dependent on the lifestyle habits, stress levels, and diet habits of each individual, however. The more balanced and healthy the lifestyle, the longer the results will stick. If you eat a poor diet, are constantly stressed, and do not exercise at all, the damage will occur all over again.

While these immediate results can seemingly wane as your body naturally absorbs some of this fluid, new tissue growth will continue over a period of 12 weeks as the body’s healing process does its work.

If a healthy lifestyle is maintained, these healing processes have a much better chance of sticking and maintaining themselves for many years to come!

Benefits of the Priapus Shot

The P-shot is a powerful treatment that can provide natural healing for men in Lubbock, TX . This is important because it enables your body to regain its natural ability to facilitate and sustain a normal erection.

This is a much better option than one-off solutions that do nothing to address the real reasons you are struggling with your sex life.

The P-shot provides benefits that include:

  • Longer, harder, and more sustainable erections
  • Proven penis enlargement
  • Increased sexual stamina

In addition, the Priapus Shot:

  • Helps lessen problems with premature ejaculation
  • Provides better sexual sensations and increased pleasure
  • Can give you the increased self-esteem that comes with being a bigger and better lover!

Using the P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Lubbock, TX

If you have been struggling to recover from your erectile dysfunction issues, the OWEN Health Group provide the best P-shot in Lubbock, TX that could be the factor that helps to jumpstart your recovery process.

Alongside a targeted treatment regimen and diet/lifestyle advice, this powerful treatment option can help men of any age regain their sexual confidence and enjoy life to the fullest. 

For more information, reach out to our team of sexual health experts today at 806-749-7975.